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The torta ahogada is the typical dish of Guadalajara, a salsa drowned baguette like sandwich prepared with salty crust bread, dices of fried pork and refried beans, it can be served drowned in seasoned tomato sauce or hot and spicy “chile de arbol”; onions and lime juice are good companions of this spicy delight.

Due to the altitude, temperature and climate the salty crust bread “birote” is only made in Guadalajara and flown daily to Holbox island.

When you talk about Mexico, you have to think about mariachi, tequila, joy, tradition, flavor … and that’s exactly what you’ll find at La Tapatía, the only restaurant in Holbox that hosts the most representative elements of Mexico in one place. . . Here Jalisco and its cuisine are the kings, and the proof to that can be found in every dish they serve in which flavors are linked to a delicious and spicy tradition.

The menu is made up of Jalisco’s traditional cuisine like: Pozole, Carne en su Jugo, Frijoles Charros, Enchiladas, Tacos dorados, Flautas and the world famous Torta Ahogada, icon of the culinary tradition of Guadalajara.

The authentic Jalisco flavor can be found in a colorful, nature filled outdoor setting. This delicious Cenaduría manages to transport you to the land of mariachi and tequila through its cuisine.

La Tapatía is the best place to drink high purity organic distilled tequila, we recommend the artisan organic tequilas and craft beers.


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