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«Jarocho” style seafood restaurant.

It is no secret that Mexico is famous for its gastronomy. In Veracruz, the cuisine is all about color, style, flavor, and aromas that will surprise you.

Eduardo, chef, owner of this colorful restaurant, will take you on a gastronomic tour to Veracruz and the Gulf of Mexico. La Bamba Holbox has the most representative dishes of this merchant’s port. This is where the crab stew «Chilpacholes de jaiba», the tumbada style rice, oysters, the minced campechanas, the stuffed crabs, and the Veracruz style fish are the kings of the place.

La Bamba in addition to a «son jarocho» is the place to enjoy the traditional cuisine of Veracruz in Holbox. Enjoy the sound and delights that the Gulf of Mexico offers.

Have a coconut with gin, or try the famous «Peanut Torito», the most traditional drink in Veracruz.


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