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Kayak or SUP, tours through the mangroves and the magical experience of Bioluminescence. Row with us at Holbox Island!

Rio kuka, a 3 hour, 8km trip through the mangroves where the landscapes and wildlife are the main attractions.

Punta mosquito, this is a 5 hour, 13km row for skilled adventurers into the heart of Holbox through the mangroves. The best birdwatching experience for: flamingoes, ospreys, herons, spoonbills, ibis amongst others. Near the end of the tour, we take a break on a beautiful unspoiled beach in the bay.

Bioluminescence, the paddle begins at Las Nubes Hotel under beautiful starry skies and sparkly water for around 30 minutes approximately until we reach a completely dark spot in one of the sandbars. There we will interact with one of the most amazing gifts from nature: Bioluminescence.


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