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Holbox Surroundings
Holbox Surroundings

The rich biodiversity of Solferino and “The Corchal”

Just 30 minutes from the island of Holbox, near the area of protection of flora and fauna of Yum Balam, National Protected Area, Solferino is a Mayan village located in the municipality of Lázaro Cárdenas (Quintana Roo), 13 km from port Chiquilá

Solferino features a lush forest, lowland forest and a half with plenty of logwood and sapodilla (tree gum) but, above all, has the Best Kept Secret, “The Corchal” A wetland of great importance for its unbeatable condition that has in its interior with a forest of cork trees (annona glabra), an abundance of bromeliads and orchids nesting in its branches. And a lake “hidden” full of lilies where they live and many anity and beautiful wild birds of all species, among which include the Mexican flamenco, Roseate Spoonbills, Wood Storks, the tiger herons and white pelicans, all common inhabitants of Mexican wetlands.

The rich biodiversity of Solferino and “The Corchal” allow us to spot different types of terrestrial vegetation (forest, floodplain forest, pasture …), variety of endemic palms (the chit, the tasiste, Kika and nakax), the already mentioned bromeliads and orchids, many different kinds of butterflies and over 300 kinds of animals of all species, among which the flamenco, the ocellated turkey, Yucatan parrot, king vulture and the Yucatan oriol. In the tops of the tallest trees we can see the spider and howler monkeys and in the depths of the jungle is possible to see, with a little luck, the five types of neotropical cats in North America: the jaguar, puma, ocelot, ocelot and margay; as well as the moreleti acutus and crocodiles, deer and white-tailed yuc, tapir and wild boar collar and white lipped, never forget the mischievous raccoons.

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