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Holbox Surroundings
Ria Lagartos
Take a float in the salty pink waters and Try a white Clay bath exfoliation.

“Holkoben” was the name the ancient Mayans

– Tarpon Season starts in late May to mid September.

Ría Lagartos is a fishing port surrounded by 60,000 acres of natural non renewable resources it was declared a Nature Reserve on June 26 of 1979, date from which 58,824 acres of Jungle, Mangrove, Salt Dunes and Beaches became protected by a federal decree.

Holkoben was the name the ancient Mayans gave to this place that they used as resting site on their long journey to the ports where they traded salt and other goods. A curios fact is that nowadays salt remains as the main industrial activity of this region of the Yucatan, Peninsula.

The “Conquistadors” became aware of the presence of large reptiles with long tails and huge teeth, which they identified as alligators. The reptiles were in fact Crocodiles unknown to the civilized world of the time but nevertheless these huge reptiles were feared in the same way. Hence the name Ria Lagartos.

Ria Lagartos is the refuge for 388 bird species amongst we can find the: Great Heron, Osprey, The great Blue Heron, Black Eagles, Red Egrets, Egrets, White Ibis, Storks, Roseate Spoonbills and the Magnificent Frigate bird just to mention a few of these marvelous bird species.

This is also the home where over 40,000 Flamingos feed and nest after they return from Holbox Island. Sportfishing in Rio Lagartos is another activity you can look into, as Tarpon, Macabi (Bonefish) and Jacks are only some of the 99 different fish species to be found.
It is very likely to find crocodiles on the way turning this tour into an authentic Photo Safari.

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