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Holbox Kiteboarding
Kitesurfing for Natural Adventure lovers

Holbox Island is a place in which the weather and shallow waters are ideal for Kiteboarding


Holbox Island is not only a place for rest and retreat, this hidden paradise gathers all of the proper conditions to initiate anyone in the adventure of gliding through it’s pristine and shallow waters. Kite surf has become a very popular sport in Holbox Island. Kiters from all around the globe find in Holbox Island an ideal stop to soar some waves. It takes practice and skill to master the soaring and gliding through the water but courses are available for novice kiters.

Kite boarding Schools have 9 hour crash courses for novice Kiters that include gear rental and are available for a couple of hundred dollars.

Holbox Island has around 250 days a year of good Kiteboarding conditions, the wind usually blows at around 15 to 25 knots that vary from east to west. During the winter Holbox Island holds the perfect weather conditions for Kiteboarding due to the winds of the North and/or Cold Fronts .

At Holbox Island the water conditions are just right since they are calm, shallow and pristine ideal for safe Kite surfing.

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Private Van
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Shared shuttle
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