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General Information
Holbox Island
Holbox, "Black Hole" in Mayan

Mexico’s Best Kept Treasure

Holbox, a little piece of paradise hidden within magical Mexico, this small island is located at the northern end of the state of Quintana Roo, in the municipality of Lazaro Cardenas.

Holbox in Mayan means “black hole”, and it covers an area of 40 km long and 2 km at its widest point, and its northern beach extends for about 34 km. It is intermittently connected to the mainland by a sand bar, with several canals that connect the sea with the Yalahau Lagoon.

Holbox Island is part of the biosphere reserve of flora and fauna and the protected area of Yum Balam, it is accessible by sea from the port of Chiquilá, where you can take hire a private boat and support the locals economy or take the ferry across the Yalahau Lagoon in an approximately 20 minute boat ride in which you are likely to see dolphins welcoming you to this beautiful paradise.

Within the island, all the streets are white sand; colorful houses with gabled roofs are the perfect canvases that year after year receive the work of countless national and international mural artists, capturing the “Holboxenian” essence in huge murals that bring life to the entire picturesque village.

Holbox Island has recently become a destination for adventure and relaxation travel; Holbox is the place to be in touch with nature. The transportation within the Island is made of golf cart taxis, bicycles and scooters since basically everything is walking distance it is not unusual to walk everywhere.

Lobster fishing is one of the Islanders main activities a true delicacy and the main ingredient of many culinary delights of this area.

Several tours can be arranged at Holbox Island, amongst them is the World famous “Holbox Whale shark discovery tour” The mighty Whale shark can be spotted at the island and its surroundings from late May to September.

The classic tour is undoubtedly the most versatile tour since it is available all year round and is the best way to see around the island, and visit the fresh water spring at Yalahau, which contains numerous legends as the lair of fearless pirates and as an ancient Mayan site, It is also said that its waters are medicinal and the source for eternal youth. The tour also includes the visit to two other very small but not less interesting islands: Passion Island and Bird Island or Isla Morena,which are very important natural sanctuaries for several migrating birds species that nest in the region. A true birdwatching paradise.

Other tours that include searching for dolphins, flamingoes, crocodiles and turtles are also available.

Island Tips

– There are NO BANKS in Holbox Island there is only one ATM in the Main Square for the entire Island.

– Bring enough cash since there are still many stablishments that don’t accept credit cards yet. It’s easier to book online even within the Island.

– Holbox is a Tropical Island, therefore you should be prepared with bug repelent to be safe from Mosquito bites.

— Kiteboarding is allowed in certain areas of the island only.

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