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General Information
Holbox Island's History
The first Island records are dated from 1852

In 1854, The island’s inhabitants were recognized as Holbox neighbors «Holboxeño»

In order to understand Holbox Island History it’s necessary to go back to 1847 when the Mayan Rebelion also known as the «Caste Wars», had bursted and spread out through the entire Yucatan Peninnsula. Powder, Bloody Machetes and musket fire witnessed the down fall of every city in the Peninnsula the only places left ontouched by the angry Mayans where the fortified cities of Campeche, and Merida.The settlers from Xcan, Labcah and Yalahau abandoned their lands to seek refuge in the nearby Islands.

The first documents that recognize any settlers occupying Holbox Island date from December 8th and 16th of 1852 accordingly. It is said that three months prior to the letter a group of 300 angry Mayans attacked the Village of Yalahau taking 15 men prisoners. The survivors from the attack left everything behind and moved away from Yalahau to Holbox Island.

When the Yucatec Army heard about the attack on Yalahau and the new settlers in Holbox Island, fear for a stronger raid on the island was presente and immediate evacuation of the Island was ordered. However the settlers resisted to leave the Island and stayed in the Island in spite of the difficulty of the territory and in 1854 are first referred to Neighbors of Holbox Island withe term «Holboxeño». In that time the town of Holbox was settled in what we know today as Punta Coco.

Once the Mayans and the region had been pacified to great lumber companies settled in the Island and commerce prospered until 1886, when a Hurricane completely devastated the Island and the town was moved and rebuilt to it’s current location.

After the Hurricane struck and destroyed the Island in 1886, the final evacuation of the Island was ordered but once again the settlers refused to leave.

On November 24th of 1902 the federal territory of Quintana Roo was created by dividing the Yucatan Peninnsula into three separate and independant states.This division made Holbox Island as part of the Northern District.

During the Mexican Revolution the lumber companies shut down and moved away.Only the Fishermen remained in the Island.

The people from Holbox are known to have a firm character that has kept them safe throughout the centuries. Holbox is a beautiful paradise which they jealously guard, being this the main reason for calling it Mexico’s best kept treasure. Eventhough modern day Holbox is now open for low impact tourism wildlife preservation is now in their minds.

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