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Dark Jaguar

Ek´Balam Dark Jaguar

Ek Balam is the name formed by the words “Ek” that means morning star or dark”; and Balam, which means “jaguar”, although some Mayan speakers in the region translate it as “morning-jaguar”.

Ek’Balam, is a Mayan city that reached its peak during the Late / Terminal Classic period (600-850 / 900 AD.) And possibly hosted the realm of “Tlalol”.

The first king of Ek’Balam is known to be Ukit Kan Le´t Tok (the father with the four Flintstone foreheads) who was the builder of most of the sumptuous palace that is now known as the Acropolis.

Inside the Acropolis there is the structure known as Sak Xok Nahh (the white house of reading), which served as a tomb for Ukit Kan Le´t Tok, who was buried with a rich offering consisting of over 7,000 pieces of pottery, shell, conch and tumbaga.

It is located 190 kilometers east of the city of Merida, Yucatan, taking Highway 295, which runs towards Tizimín. At about seven kilometers after the village of Temozon you will find a deviation that leads to Santa Rita; in this town you take the northern entrance and about 2 kilometers away another detour leading directly to Ek Balam.

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