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Holbox Surroundings
Chiquila Port
This where you can take the Ferry to get across to Holbox Island.

Chiquila Gateway to Paradise

Chiquila is small fishing community located within the Nature Reserve of Yum Balam in the northern part of the state of Quintana Roo.

Chiquila is also known to be the gateway to paradise since all of the ferries and private boats that arrive to Holbox Shores must do so from the docks of this port.

Chiquila has a couple of pass through Hotels, Restaurants, a gas Station and public parking lots to safely park your rental car while you stay in Holbox Island.

Please be aware that Chiquila becomes a Ghost Town as soon as the last ferry departs to Holbox Island. Please don’t expect anything open after 11 pm.

Private Van
Private Van
Cancun Airport
to Holbox Island
from $2499
shared shuttle
Shared shuttle
Cancun City
Playa del Carmen
Chiquila Port