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cabo catoche
Holbox Attractions
Cabo Catoche
Where it all begins...

Cabo Catoche, The place where the Europpean Settlers first Set Ground


Cabo Catoche is located 53 km North of Cancun and is basically one of the tips of Holbox Island and Lands End of the Yucatan Penninsula it determines the continental division between the Caribbean Sea and the Gulf of México.

Cape Catoche is the location for the first church built by the Spaniards during the colonization of Mexico which was named “Boca Iglesia” There are no roads to the Cape and the Archeological mysteries of EKAB represent a great visit.


Did you know that?

Cabo Catoche, was the first place where Europpean Settlers touched land in 1517. Making it the official date in which Spaniards discovered the Yucatan Peninnsula by landing within the great Mayan City of Ekab.

Ekab or Ecab (mayan language: ek cab, ‘black-soil’ ‘Black Soil’) was renamed by the Spaniards as the Great Cairo for it’s magnificence which is located south of Cabo Catoche.

During the Colony a Catholic Church was built and called Boca Iglesias.

By 1570, Ekab located within Cabo Catoche, flourished and became one of the most important cities of that time, until it was abandoned after a British Pirate Raid.

In 1788 new efforts to populate the great city of Cabo Catoche were made in vain, since the city did not prosper. It was until 1827 that the Colonial Regime came to it’s end that the Governing Marshall Juan Maria Echeverria saw in Cabo Catoche a solution to the Valladolid supplies problem. He ordered the repopulation of Cabo Catoche and the construction of a second merchant port in Yalahau.

These resolutions were intended to solve supplies problem in Valladolid as well as terminate the Pirate Invasions by Having two fortified points. However whatever good may have been brought gave birth to the Pirate Legend of Miguel de Molas.

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