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The word Holbox: means “black hole” in the Mayan language. It’s a paradisiac island located to the north of Quintana Roo. Holbox belongs to the Yum Balam nature reserve and is also part of the Riviera Maya tourist corridor. The island is popular for many reasons like the whale shark sanctuary, its bioluminescence, quiet beaches, sunsets, gastronomy, and for being a sanctuary for migratory birds.

I will travel to Holbox, Cancun and Riviera Maya

The 2024 Whale Shark sighting season begins on July 1st and will end on September 15th, do not forget to follow the Whale Shark swimming rules to the letter. Use biodegradable products and be respectful of nature. In addition, you can observe flamingoes and at night swim in the glowing waters as you enjoy bioluminescence.
If you prefer to stay on the island you can take several tours, we highly recommend taking the classic tour of the island, in which the boat captains take you to visit the freshwater spring at Yalahau where the water sprouts from a Black Hole in the ground, passion isle is great for selfies and, birds island is a place to gaze upon the flying birds in their natural habitat.
You can easily find a free copy of our printed map in every hotel of the island, which will be of great help while looking for specific points on the island, the map offers a selection of the very best restaurants, shops, hotels, and tourist services so you do not lose detail of the daily “holboxeño” lifestyle. You will also find the island ferry schedules from and to and the port of Chiquila and many more useful tips and recommendations.
If your plan is to visit the island from Cancun, Playa del Carmen or any part of the Riviera Maya for just one day, there are also several options to get there, such as private transportation and shared transportation from Playa del Carmen or Cancun, ADO bus departure schedules, as well as transportation with tours included, if you decide to make the trip on your own, you will have to arrive at the port of Chiquila and take the ferry that leaves every half hour from there, you can choose the Blue 9 Hermanos Fast Ferry or the red Holbox Express.
Avoid at all costs bringing or introducing coolers, Unicel, disposable, bags or any kind of single-use plastic, remember that you are entering an ecological reserve. In many hotels, you will find beach clubs with hammocks and lounge chairs and everything you need to enjoy a luxurious sunbathe. You can also rent a golf cart or a bike.
And just to make things clear in Holbox there is no sargassum, this means you can enjoy clean sargassum free paradisiac beaches. Help us keep our island clean and free of plastic.

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